Introduction to Composite Materials, Properties and Processes

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Course Overview

This course introduces delegates to the constituents of composites materials, including reinforcements, resins, core structures and ancillary materials. These are looked at in the context of their typical applications and the manufacturing processes used.

Delivery Style

Who should attend?
The course is aimed at individuals who are new to the composites industry or in entry level roles within the industry with basic composite knowledge, as well as personnel who are looking for a broader composites understanding.

Objectives & Aims
Delegates gain an understanding of the basic properties of composite material components and the combined properties of resins and reinforcements. We recommend attending this course as a prerequisite to the further learning courses listed below. 

1 Day

Course Content:

  • Introduction to composites material types, properties & processes
  • Applications for composites materials
  • Understanding of generic Health and Safety precautions when working with composites materials
  • Awareness of necessary precautions
  • Environmental conditions required for the manufacture of composites materials
  • Terminology used in the composites Industry
  • Range of composites materials
  • Basic principles of polymer resin chemistry
  • Reinforcement properties
  • Fabrics and resins – types and applications
  • Core types and application
  • Release agents and sealers
  • Introduction to common consumables

Further Learning
Introduction to Manual Prepreg Techniques
Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) Resin Infusion (RI) Familiarisation
Introduction to Resin Infusion Techniques
Introduction to Prepreg Composite Tooling 



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