NCC highlights from the High Value Manufacturing Catapult 2015- 2016 Annual Review

The High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult has launched its 2015- 2016 Annual Review. The National Composites Centre is the composites specialist that is one of seven centres forming the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

Dick Elsy, CEO of the HVM Catapult, launched the Annual Review 2015-16 at the House of Commons on Thursday 28th June 2016. This event, which celebrated the HVM Catapult’s five year anniversary, was attended by over 125 MPs, peers and stakeholders. Peter Chivers, CEO of the National Composites Centre, attended this event alongside our PR and Communications Officer, Mary Page. 

The Annual Review outlines the successes and achievements of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and its seven centres, looking at performance highlights, cross-centre collaboration, success stories, future goals of the HVM Catapult and much, much more!

The review outlined some of the many achievements of the NCC in the last year, such as the forming of the Oil and Gas Consortium with fellow Catapult centres the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), and the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC). This consortium has placed a dedicated business development representative from HVM Catapult permanently in the OGIC in Aberdeen to support engagement with the Oil and Gas industry and drive cross‑industry collaboration and innovation. For more information on the HVM Catapult Oil and Gas Consortium, click here

A key highlight of the review is the SME Reach programme. The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is providing additional funding to the seven centres, including the National Composites Centre (NCC), for reaching out to SMEs. The SME community is the engine for growth of the UK economy, so encouraging small to medium sized companies to access the considerable capabilities and expertise of the HVM Catapult centres is particularly important. Across the HVM Catapult, the centres have worked with over 1,700 SMEs and have increased SME engagement by 165% since 2014-15. For more information on what the NCC REACH programme can offer SMEs, click here

The review also drew on our enhanced composites pressing capability with the installation a £1.3 million Pinette Emidecau Industries (PEI) Hydraulic Press as part of the expansion of our High Volume Manufacturing capability, which this year has seen an automotive OEM successfully press and complete a car floor pan. This capability will support companies of all sizes and sectors explore reductions of part production times from hours down to minutes. Head to the key milestones section of the Annual Review to find out more.

One of the NCC success stories detailed in the review was the collaberation between NCC Tier 1 Member GKN Aerospace and Associate Member INSPHERE Ltd, to develop an automated measurement process. The project aim was to use a non-contact laser scanner to achieve an equivalent inspection, with an increased level of automation. The inspection time would be reduced, increasing productivity within the overall composite manufacturing process. Thanks to the networking opportunities and facilitated collaboration at the NCC, GKN Aerospace worked with fellow NCC Member INSPHERE Ltd, a Bristol-based SME specialising in metrology, and successfully reduced inspection time from over 200 minutes (three hours) to just 15 minutes, replacing a labour-dependent process with one requiring a single push of a button.

This Annual Review is a great opportunity to showcase the fantastic work the NCC and our fellow Catapult centres are doing and the positive impact the Catapult model is having on industry and the UK economy.  

Click below to download the full HVM Catapult 2015-2016 Annual Review. 

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