NCC holds Composites Awareness Course for EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI) Scheme- 01 - 02/03/2016

On 1st and 2nd March, the NCC will be holding a Composites Awareness course for EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI) Scheme. 

EDT is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to engage young people studying STEM subjects with industry. EDT does this through a continuum of schemes for secondary-aged students from one-day tasters to six month long projects and year-long placements in industry. 

The EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI) Scheme is the largest provider of gap year placements, providing paid, degree relevant work placements for students in their year out before or during their degree course. The current shortage of graduates in key areas means that 42% of employers report difficulties in recruiting well qualified STEM employees.

Through structured work experience, their students gain skills in problem solving, communication and customer awareness; all areas that have been identified as weaknesses in graduate skill sets. 

The Composites Awareness Course is a great opportunity for the NCC to provide YINI students with knowledge in composites material types, processes and applications. Furthermore, the course will allow students to gain a variety of different experiences to enhance the skills they have learned during their placement.

If you are a YINI student and would like to learn more about composites, please contact for more information. 

To learn more about EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI), click here

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