Winners of the Images of Composite Research Competition are revealed!

We were delighted with all of the entries received by the NCC and the University of Bristol in the Images of Composite Research Competition. The entries were reviewed by our judges and the winners were announced at the 9th ACCIS & 1st NCC Annual Conference on the 13th September at the NCC. 

Without further ado, we are delighted to announce the winners of the competition are:


Best Technical Image

Composite Artificial Muscle
Michael Dicker, University of Bristol


Best Image from the National Composites Centre

Damage limitation with through-thickness reinforcement
Steve Green


Best Image from the University of Bristol

Inside a tufted composite: glass-fibre tuft in carbon-epoxy laminate
Camilla Osmiani


Best Image Demonstrating Collaboration

Completed thermoplastic AFP trials 
Matt Scott, National Composites Centre



Organisers Favourites 

Computed Tomography X-ray scan of USB Memory Stick Circuit Board

Richard Van Gelder, National Composites Centre


Metal swarf from tool manufacture

Matt Kay, National Composites Centre


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who entered for their support. We received some fantastic images and look forward to displaying the great work across ACCIS and the NCC!

Check out all of the entries on our Flickr page here.  

To see all of the runners-up per category, visit our gallery!

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