3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fibers: Properties, Applications and Cost Reduction

20 July 2017, 10:00 to 15:00
National Composite Centre (NCC)
Bristol & Bath Science Park , Feynman Way
BS16 7FS

3M is a company rooted in scientific exploration, with a firm belief that every problem has a solution. To demonstrate the practical benefits of this philosophy, 3M™ Nextel™ are holding a free to attend event at the National Composites Centre on 20th July.


The presentation is about 3M’s family of Nextel fibers, their properties and diverse applications in mostly high temperature markets.  There is a general overview and history of Nextel 312 and 440, which are considered industrial grade fibers but are finding some use in composite applications.  These industrial fibers were the basis for all future fiber development to meet the needs of the changing market place.  The focus of the talk will be on the composite fibers Nextel 610 and 720, their properties and uses in metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites.  Finally, I’ll get into the cost down activities for the composite fibers by moving to higher deniers, changing fabric designs and the effect of those changes on composite properties. 

About the Presenter
Larry Visser is a senior application engineer for 3M's Advanced Materials Division, with 38 years experience in application development for the rapidly expanding ceramic composite market. On the day you can look forward to Larry giving an exciting and engaging presentation on:

  • An overview and history of 3M Nextel products, including their properties and diverse applications in mostly high-temperature markets
  • Discover how 3M Nextel Ceramic Fibre developments meet the needs of the changing market place
  • Understanding the cost down activities for composite fibres, by moving to higher deniers and changing fabric designs. You'll also learn about the effect these changes have on composite properties

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