AIC makes autoclave good as new

AIC Group announced today (17th August) that it is refurbishing a 3m x 10m autoclave for a global North American aerospace company. AIC will refit the autoclave with various features, including its Autoclave Management and Control System (AMCS).

The aerospace company bought the autoclave for its South American jet building facility, which employs 1500 people. The autoclave needs to be up and running by late September, which ruled out buying a new autoclave. AIC will deliver it in the first week of August.

It will be transported to South America from Southampton by boat, where it will complete its journey by road, offloaded and positioned into a pit. The aerospace facility is 6,500ft above sea level, which makes gas burning more difficult because of the lack of oxygen. This means that AIC recalculated the heating function of the autoclave, allowing more air to be pushed through the autoclave. 

Before AIC’s engineers started the refurbishment process, they investigated the autoclave’s certification e.g. pressure testing and the autoclave has now been taken to AIC’s facilities in Poole where the refurbishment will take place. The 3m x 10m autoclave will be re-painted and fitted with:

  • 48 vacuum zones - originally had 6

  • a new motor

  • a new radiator inside

  • AMCS

Jamie Hardiment, AIC’s head of business development, said “Autoclaves are essential for manufacturers in the aerospace industry. We have taken a standard use autoclave and made it as good as new by upgrading many of the features and adding our AMCS, which will increase productivity with shorter curing times, enabling our customer to more efficiently produce aerospace parts.”

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