Advanced Composites Manufacture

From state-of-the-art robotic and computer controlled manufacturing facilities, to pilot-plant scale thermoforming, pressing, and machining equipment, the NCC has production capabilities to meet multi-sector industry demand. The Advanced Composite Manufacturing group produce one-off prototypes, complex parts and real-life scale components to demonstrate and expand the limits of what is considered possible.

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Design and Simulation

The Design and Simulation team is actively involved in the development of standardised methods for prediction of material response, analysis, design and simulation of composite manufacturing processes. Accurate simulation takes the guess-work our of manufacturing and significantly reduce development costs.

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Digital Manufacturing, Automation and Tooling

To enable the physical world of manufacturing to be evaluated in the digital world of design. The group bridges the gap between manufacturing data and conceptual design so that products can be developed and digitally validated before they reach the factory floor. The team uses CAD and CAM software to simulate manufacturing processes and evolve designs to improve production. The group encompasses tooling, automation and metrology teams so that all the steps needed to transform a concept into a product are integrated.

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Materials and Processes

From satellites orbiting space to breaking the land speed record, correct materials & processes are critical for the success of any project. And it doesn’t stop there. What conditions will that material encounter? How will it react to impact? How can it be made stronger or stiffer? Can it repair itself?

Working in multiple industries and applying our expertise to constantly changing technologies, these are the key challenges our Engineers face.

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