Composites Awareness

11 May 2016, 09:00 to 16:00
National Composites Centre
Feynman Way Central, Bristol and Bath Science Park
BS16 7FS
£275 per person

Course Overview
The course will provide delegates with a general overview of working in a composites environment and awareness of composites material types, processes and applications as used by others.

Delivery Style
Classroom based

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at non-practitioner staff and new starters at all levels of an organisation.

Objectives & Aims
To provide a basic understanding of the principles of composites materials and manufacture.

1 day

Course Content:

  • Understanding of generic personal Health and Safety precautions when working with and around composites materials.
  • Knowledge of sources of damage to composites materials and products and awareness of necessary precautions.
  • Knowledge of environmental conditions required for the manufacture of composites materials.
  • Strength and stiffness - how composites products usually have both.
  • How resin plus reinforcement in a composite material provides better performance than either independently.
  • Ways of making composite material products.
  • How the manufacturing process creates the material properties which are built into the design.
  • How raw materials and finished products can be more expensive in line with their increased performance.
  • How to avoid Health and Safety problems and deal with the effects.

Further Learning
Introduction to Composite Materials, Properties and Processes

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