Download the West in Minecraft STEM Resource Pack

If you could completely re-design your city, your street, your home, what would you do differently?

The West in Minecraft educational resources take a digital, play-based
approach to support children to develop their own ideas and problem-solving skills, and engage with engineering as a creative and diverse subject that can impact the world around us.

These lessons are centred around the popular block-building video game Minecraft, and use a newly developed ‘Bristol & Bath world’ called The West in Minecraft to allow children to explore, build, re-design and re-engineer their very own cities!

The resource pack includes a detailed lesson plan for KS2 and KS3, which can be delivered online or in the classroom, curriculum-linked worksheets and challenges which draw on several different subjects including Design and Technology, Geography and Science, with links to local engineering innovations and iconic locations including the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Roman Baths and SS Great Britain! 

Download The West in Minecraft Resource pack here.

These lessons can be delivered with any standard Minecraft license, however they are at their best when used with The West in Minecraft world*.

If you would like to book a session delivered by a local STEM Ambassador, with The Minecraft West world and all equipment required to run the session, please contact us at [email protected]

*The West in Minecraft world is currently only available for hire through DETI Inspire. The team are working on a solution to make the world freely accessible to all users.

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