Altair renews Associate Membership with NCC

The NCC is delighted to announce that Altair Engineering Ltd has renewed its Associate membership with the NCC for another three years. Altair first joined the NCC in December 2012 and has since reaped the benefits of being involved with the innovative
R&D centre based in Bristol. Altair Engineering Ltd offers technology and services for business and engineering innovation, focusing on the development and application of simulation technology to improve business performance.

Commenting on the renewal, Altair’s CTO Royston Jones said “We have demonstrated that Altair is the leading software and services provider in the digital design of composite structures. Our continued support and commitment to help all industries deliver world
class composite structure is unyielding. Through our local Altair office, opposite the NCC, we will continue to provide state-of-art software and support to the NCC and its members.”

In the last three years of membership, Altair has offered a suite of support services to the NCC, including use of the Altair HyperWorks simulation software platform, allowing the NCC to offer its members access to the some of the most comprehensive, open
architecture computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions in industry. Using HyperWorks, NCC members have had access to the state-of-the-art modelling, analysis, visualisation and data management solutions for linear, non-linear, structural optimisation, fluidstructure interaction and multi-body dynamics applications.

During the next three years of the renewed Associate membership, Altair will continue to provide HyperWorks support to the NCC. This flexible software licensing model replaces expensive traditional licensing plans with a pay-per-use system demonstrating the NCC’s continued support to both small and large companies alike. The software will be made available to all companies looking to create superior, market-leading products efficiently and cost effectively.

Additionally Altair will offer training services at their local offices and at the NCC to support and complement the NCC’s already extensive training facilities. The £28 million expansion of the NCC last year greatly enhanced the capabilities and capacity of the
NCC, with the installation of the latest composites technology to enable a greater focus on supporting sectors such as aerospace and automotive. The creation of the cutting-edge industrial learning facilities offers a unique opportunity for organisations to have
staff trained in a realistic and safe workplace setting. The NCC offers a programme of training and workshops for a wide range of composites engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

Tom Hitchings, Business Development Director at the National Composites Centre, comments "We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Altair and anticipate exciting new opportunities to come for Altair, the NCC and the composites industry."

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