Fibreline Bridge Seminar at the Danish Embassy and Serpentine Pavilion Reception - 22/08/16

On Monday 22nd August, Sector Lead, Paul Gallen, and Business Development Engineer, Nigel Keen, attended this very useful seminar on composite bridge solutions, followed by the evening event in the striking composite pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery.

The bridge event was an excellent forum for promoting the state of play in the UK and other places of composites in bridges, including a case study of a pultruded section bridge, shipped to Greenland in a single container, and assembled using local contractors, trained in Denmark, and available light cranage. The bridge replaced a failing steel and wood structure that could only take 3MT with an all composite structure that was rated to 60MT.



The evening event was fascinating as it took place in a temporary pavilion adjacent to the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. Presentations from the architects BIG showed how the design reflected the modular, building blocks approach typical of Scandinavia. In addition, structural Engineering consultancy ASK II showed how they went from the design brief to create a building where each box element. constructed from composite boxes themselves, assembled from pultruded flat sheets of different wall thicknesses, was structurally functional maximising efficiency.

Fibreline’s Laylight material, being translucent as well as strong and light, created a fascinating changing ambience as the sun set, and the lights came on causing the pavilion to glow from within. The evening audience of architects and sponsors contained many people new to composites, and the innovative use of the material was the focus of conversation for many.

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