NCC at the NEC

You may have already bought your last traditional car. Automotive technology is accelerating and composite technology needs to respond. We’ll share the opportunities and challenges, and what these mean for the composites industry? The National Composites Centre’s Paul Gallen chairs the Future of Composites in Automotive seminar, at the Advanced Engineering show at The Pavilion, 31st October, 11:15


The way we create buildings hasn’t really changed in 40 years. With the UK Government investing £170M through its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) to modernise construction, this may be the pivot point for FRP composites. The National Composites Centre’s Neil Appleton hosts the Composites for Infrastructure seminar, where the panel will discuss the opportunities for you, your business and industry. Visit the Pavilion, 31st October, 13:30


Our machines can think, sense and act at the same speed a Hummingbird flaps its wings. Dr Peter Giddings shares the latest insights into Adaptive Processing at the National Composites Centre, and how data management is spearheading the future of composites manufacturing. See him speak at the Advanced Engineering show at the Pavilion at 3:30, Wednesday 31st October.


Industry 4.0 is no longer a concept, it’s already here and it’s changing the face of manufacturing worldwide. The path for composites into digitalisation is complexed, but significant steps are being made to create the factory of the future. Hosted by The National Composites Centre’s Alison Starr, the Composite 4.0 seminar will share what’s new, from embedded sensing to the Internet of Things. Visit the Pavilion from 11am on Thursday 1st November.


With nearly 20% of all European rail journeys taking place in the UK, it’s one of the fastest growing and most improved networks in the world. The growth targeted by the UK Rail sector is staggering and presents huge possibilities for composites. The National Composites Centre’s Paul Gallen hosts the Composites in Rolling Stock seminar on Thursday 1st November at 1:30. Please join the speakers to hear how composites are on the right track to deliver innovation to rail.

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