Carbon & Alloy Steel Metallurgy

The National Composites Centre (NCC) is delighted to work in collaboration with the AMRC to deliver this course.

This course is being run at The National Composites Centre by AMRC - BOOK HERE

Course aims
This one day course has been developed for people with technical and engineering backgrounds working in or with the steel industry to help them gain an understanding of the metallurgy & processing of Carbon & Alloy Steels. The course focuses on basic metallurgical principles, primary & secondary steel making processes, how steels are specified & evaluated and matching grades to applications.

Who should attend
New or experienced personnel in technical and engineering occupations, who would benefit from an understanding of steel processing, products & properties. Attendees could be production or process engineers, quality and inspection personnel and could be at supervisory, managerial or professional engineering level.

Course Duration1 day

Price: £400

• Appreciate the fundamental principles of steel metallurgy
• Understand how steel is made and processed
• How steel grades are specified and matched with a range of applications

Introduction to Ferrous Metallurgy
• The periodic table of elements
• Atomic structures
• Interstitial and substitutional elements
• Equilibrium phase diagrams
• How materials deform

Primary and secondary Steel making
• Blast furnace
• BOS steel making
• Electric arc furnaces
• Secondary refining processes
• Continuous casting
• Ingot casting

Alloying elements and what they do
• Carbon
• Manganese
• Silicon
• Aluminium
• Titanium, Vanadium and Niobium
• Boron
• Nitrogen
• Sulphur and phosphorous

Steel processes
• Strip manufacturing
• Plate manufacturing
• Sections
• Rod and wire
• Tube – seamless and welded
• Welding

Material testing and chemical analysis
• Chemical analysis – cast / heat and product analysis
• Tensile testing
• Hardness testing
• Impact testing
• Creep testing
• Fatigue
• Brittle and plastic failure
• Introduction to corrosion

Steel Grades & Applications
• Grades, specifications & mill certificates
• Oil & gas applications
• Automotive applications
• Structural applications
• Aerospace applications


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