Our Values

At the NCC our Core Values embrace our commitment to;

We endeavour to overcome obstacles to achieve our aims.
We take personal responsibility for delivering excellent performance.
We recognise the importance of working efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.

We take responsibility for our own development, continually improving our relevant knowledge and skills.
We proactively look for opportunities to support the development of others.
We seek and provide regular constructive feedback and act upon it.

We pursue ideas that provide value to the NCC and our customers.
We constructively challenge the status quo to continually improve our ways of working.
We proactively share ideas with each other.

We work with our internal and external customers to define their needs and expectations and to deliver fully on them.
We go the extra mile to ensure an excellent customer experience.
We invest in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

We are open and honest in all that we do.
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, accepting and learning from mistakes.
We act in the best interest of the NCC and our stakeholders.
We protect the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and our colleagues.

We build trusting relationships right across the NCC to leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses.
We actively collaborate with internal and external partners to achieve shared goals and deliver better results.
We engage with colleagues across the NCC, sharing and receiving knowledge and information.

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