Thermoplastic Composites 2017: Growing the UK affordable thermoplastic composite market

Thermoplastic Composites 2017 is a joint annual event organised by Composites UK and the British Plastics Federation. The UK Composites Strategy predicts an opportunity for growth in the composites sector from £2.3bn to £12bn per annum by 2030 but the UK has to gear-up in order to exploit this potential. One of the immediate areas for development is in affordable composites for a variety of applications and thermoplastic composites will play a significant part. This year the conference will look at the growth of UK thermoplastic composites enabling knowledge transfer on a cross-sectoral level.


The programme is confirmed as the following:

09.30    Registration and refreshments        
10.00    Introduction        
10.05    Chairmans Introduction        
Overview of Thermoplastic Composites and their Opportunities        
10.10    Overview of Thermoplastic Composites - How Can They be used in High Volume, Sebastiaan Wijskamp - Thermoplastic Composites Research Centre
10.35    Composites and Thermoplastics: Supply chain and Technology Transfer Opportunities, Paul Gallen - National Composites Centre
10.55    Morning Break        
Current Standing for Affordable Thermoplastic Composites in the UK        
11.20    Large Scale Production of Thermoplastic Composites, Graeme Herlihy - Engel
11.40    UK Supply Chain Readiness for Reinforced Thermoplastic Preforms, Glen Pascoe - Shape Machining
12.00    A Techno-Economic Analysis of Reclaiming Long Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites, Gareth McGrath - Flexible Manufacturing Solutions Ltd
12.25    Networking Lunch        
Engaging OEMs/Tier 1s        
13.15    Challenges Facing the High Volume Automotive Market, Shanta Desai - Nissan
13.35    Thermoplastic Overmoulding of Structural Composites for Automotive Applications (TOSCAA Project), Grant Andrews - SGL Carbon Fibers Ltd
13.55    Developing a Thermoplastic Composite Oil Pan for the Jaguar Land Rover ALIVE6 Project, Steve Garrett - Nifco
Case Studies        
14.15    The Real Total Cost of Acquisition of Thermoplastics for Aerospace, Tom Hitchings - Tencate Advanced Composites
14.35    Manufacture and Joining of Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace, Sean Cooper - Tods Aerospace
14.55    Re-Formative Engineering Process, Rod Fox & Alma Hodzic - Revaluetech
15.15    Close       

Thursday, October 5, 2017 (All day)
BPF House, London
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