Composite Joining Principles

Tuesday, 01 - Wednesday, 02 Mar 2022

Composite joints are vital to creating highly functional composite structures. For a designer, they are usually the first, and most challenging point to consider in a design. It’s also the area that’s most likely to fail if you get it wrong.

Built using our wealth of knowledge and experience, this course is designed to introduce you to cutting edge technologies as well as teach you the fundamentals of composites joining, including mechanical fastenings, bonded joints and welding techniques.

We’ll explore the practicalities of joining, the materials/fasteners used, and the preliminary analysis required to ensure you select the best approach first time, every time. We highly recommend this course for engineers who want to understand how to create effective joints within composite materials to ensure you achieve the best results.

What we'll cover:

  • Bolted Joints:
    • Fastener types
    • Joint design
    • Load capacity & failure modes
  • Bonded joints :
    • Adhesive types
    • Joint design
    • Load capacity & failure modes
    • Inspection of joints
  • Composite welding techniques

Who should attend:

We highly recommend this course for designers who want to improve their approach to bonding and joining composite materials and get better results first time.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: £800

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