Introduction to Composite Design

Online, self-paced course

To ensure that we get the maximum benefit out of composite materials they must be carefully designed and often tailored to the particular use case.

In this course we will give you an understanding of how to start to understand what requirements are important to consider in the composite world, along with a series of tools and techniques to start the generation of some robust concept designs.

This self-paced, interactive course will give you an understanding of what requirements are important, along with the materials and manufacturing processes available.

Our interactive content will cover different types of tools and techniques used in the generation of concept and final designs, with opportunities throughout for you to check and test your knowledge as you progress through the lessons.

When you’ve completed the course you’ll be able to download a personalised certificate of completion, and you’ll have access to the course for six months from the date of purchase so you can re-visit the content at any time during that period.

What we’ll cover:

  • Requirements capture
  • Materials and process selection
  • The principles of Classic Laminate Analysis
  • Laminate stacking sequence guidelines
  • Some common composite design guidelines
  • The effects of simple defects on the design process

Duration: Four hours

Cost: £75

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