Introduction to Composite Materials: Theory & Practical

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

If you're entering the world of composites and want to improve your core knowledge, this course will give you a better understanding of the fundamentals.

This is a foundation level course where we will introduce you to the basics of composites, their composition and how they're manufactured. You'll reinforce your knowledge as you get hands-on with some materials and make your own part.

What we'll cover

  • Defining the term 'Composite'
  • The Properties of fibres and resins
  • Different types of resin system and reinforcements
  • Room and elevated temperature resin systems
  • Identifying and comparing weave styles
  • The benefits of composites to build components
  • Types of manufacturing processes
  • Fibre orientation and core materials

Who should attend

We recommend this course for individuals or groups who are new to composites


  • 1 day


  • Individuals: £300
  • Closed Course (up to 10 people): £2,400

Get in touch

To find out more about this course or to discuss your training needs with us, please email [email protected].



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