Introduction to Composite Mould Tool Production

Tuesday, 01 - Wednesday, 02 Feb 2022

A quality mould tool is a crucial element to your manufacturing process. With the costs involved in commercial production though, many choose to make their own.

This is a highly practical course, which will show you cost-effective ways of producing your own moulding from scratch. You'll gain the knowledge you need to produce quality parts and learn how to avoid common errors.

Whether you're working from original parts or creating a mould tool from nothing, we recommend this course as part of your essential introduction to composites manufacturing.

What we'll cover:

  • The purpose of the mould tool
  • Plug, patterns and mould tools
  • Materials used in mould tool production
  • Issues to avoid when designing a tool
  • Types of release agents
  • Problems occurring around poor release
  • CSM mould tool production using wet lay-up techniques
  • Producing original plugs using foam
  • Sealing a plug to gain an acceptable surface finish


  • 2 days


  • Individual Price: £800
  • Closed Course (up to 4): £2,560

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