Introduction to Manual Prepreg Techniques

Tuesday, 08 - Wednesday, 09 Feb 2022

With the control it allows operators and its breadth of application, it's no wonder manufacturing with Prepreg is so popular.  Poor technique however, can cause potentially serious and expensive errors.

During this course we'll give you the background into how to optimise your use of Prepreg materials, to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We'll also show you the techniques used by Technicians and you'll have the opportunity to practice what you've learnt, as you produce your own hand-laid part.

Whether you're moving into Prepreg manufacturing or work in an environment where it's used and want to broaden your understanding , we recommend this course as an essential introduction to materials, process and application

What we'll cover

  • Understanding the theory behind Prepreg
  • Understanding the manual layup process
  • Related health and safety processes
  • Practical layup of a shaped section and a sandwich flat panel:
    • Prepreg laminating
    • Vacuum bagging / Debulking
    • Cure cycles
    • Fabric draping


  • 2 days


  • Individual: £600
  • Closed Course (up to 8): £3,840

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This course is also running on:

8th & 9th February 2022

5th & 6th April 2022

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