Introduction to Resin Infusion Techniques

Tuesday, 15 - Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022

Resin infusion is popular for those wanting better quality parts compared to wet  lay-up, at a cheaper cost than Prepreg. Without proper training however, both product quality and your own safety could be at risk.

The knowledge you’ll gain from this course will help you avoid the common mistakes and produce better parts safely. You’ll reinforce your learning over the 2 days as you complete your own infused parts, supported by our expert trainers.

A good understanding of the essentials of resin infusion will improve your results and help you to explore the wide range of material combinations and performance variable that resin infusion can offer. We recommend this course for anyone new to this method of composite manufacture.

What we'll cover

  • Review of materials & processes
  • Vacuum bagging procedures for resin infusion
  • Handling & cutting dry fabrics
  • Practical vacuum bagging
  • Completing linear resin infusion
  • Handling and cutting dry fabrics
  • Completing a radial resin infusion
  • Group practical assessment

Who should attend

We recommend this course for Technicians new to composites manufacture.


  • 2 days

Cost: £600

  • Individual: £600
  • Closed Course (up to 8): £3,840

Get in touch

For further information about this course or to discuss your training needs with us, please email [email protected].



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