Management Introduction to Composites

The global demand for composites is accelerating across all key sectors thanks to the unique properties and benefits they offer. The NCC specialises in re-skilling individuals and groups to adapt for this change.

Specially designed for leadership teams, this course gives you an essential introduction to composites and their utilisation.  We'll expand your awareness of the most crucial elements of composites engineering that every senior team should have.

Each of the core modules is introduced by an NCC specialist and adapts to different learning styles through a range class-based, practical and demonstration delivery styles.

If your organisation is transitioning into or increasing its use of composites then you need the Management Introduction to Composites.

What we'll cover

  • Composite Fundamentals
    • Introduction to composites (Theory)
    • Conceptual design for composites
  • Sustainability
    • Environmental impact
    • Lifecycle and recycling
  • Composite Manufacturing
    • Prepreg/Resin infusion demonstrations
    • Practical techniques
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
    • NCC facility tour
    • Alternative manufacturing techniques for composites
  • Verification & Validation
    • Composite material characterisation
    • In-process testing including NDT


  • 5 days


  • Individual Price: £2,000
  • Closed Course (up to 10): £16,000


For further information and to book a place please email

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