Strength & Stiffness


Tuesday, 05 - Friday, 08 Oct 2021

Composites are a much more complex material to predict the behaviour of when compared to traditional bulk plastics and metals. The first step on understanding composite properties is to understand how each of the plies effect the global part.

In this course we will give you an understanding of the theory behind how to build up the part properties of a composite from the properties of the individual plies. We then cover how to take those part properties back down to the ply level to work out when the first ply will fail.

What we’ll cover:

  • Micromechanics (via rule of mixtures)
    • In plane stiffness
    • In plane strength
  • Mesomechanics
    • ABD Matrix
    • Coupling effects
    • Polar Plots
    • Carpet Plots
    • First ply failure

Duration: 4 x 3 hour training sessions over 4 days. Each session will run from 13:00 - 16:00



  • Individuals: £800
  • Closed Course (up to 10 people) £6,400

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