3D Textiles

Typical advanced composites have excellent planar properties, but more sophisticated fibre placement techniques can enhance performance. 

How we can help

Overbraiding is a high-rate manufacturing process able to produce dry preforms of a range of shapes, including closed-sections, with a very efficient deposition method. 

NCC capabilities:

  • Triaxially reinforced parts up to 10m long and 800mm diameter with curved or twisted shapes
  • High deposition rates up to 50 kg/h
  • Carbon, glass, aramid, ceramic, metals, co-mingled, other

Through-thickness reinforcement enhances z-direction structural performance and damage resistance, to increase preform handle-ability or for joining preforms.  Our expertise in z-pinning, direct insertion, tufting and stitching provides these benefits for a range of dry and prepreg material systems. 

NCC capabilities:

  • Specialist design, manufacture and evaluation for TTR
  • Up to 40mm thick, large and curved geometrics
  • Dry or prepreg materials

Tailored Fibre Placement enables the creation of complex fibre architectures quickly and cheaply.  Significant expertise in each of these techniques is available to our clients, including the development of new intellectual property.

NCC capabilities:

  • Highly bespoke steered fibre preforms
  • Parts up to 500 x 600mm
  • Carbon, glass, aramid, co-mingled, other

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