Automated Deposition

The National Composites Centre's open access research facility is the only one in the world able to offer the widest range of composite deposition machinery available to use by any organisation. Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) capabilities are truly world-class with versatile, accurate and high rate large form factor equipment available to complete products consistently.  A dedicated team of technicians and research engineers support the highest level of IP development through machine learning and process optimisation.


Coriolis & Accudyne AFP

  • Robot arm & gantry based actuation
  • 8 x 6.35mm material courses
  • Thermoset/Thermoplastic/Dry fabric tapes
  • IR/Laser/Flash lamp heating

Electro-Impact AFP/ATL

  • Robotic AFP & ATL
  • IR & Flash lamp heating
  • 12.7mm tows - 300mm tapes
  • Dry fibre and thermoset prepreg

Ultra High Rate Deposition Cell

  • 2 bridge gantry
  • 5m x 20m ply deposition
  • 1m/s rate
  • 4 deposition tools

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