Instrumentation and Control

Delivering a step-change from traditional time-consuming and imperfect composite manufacture, the NCC's extensive hardware resources are available in the Automated Preforming Cell (APC): a state-of-the-art facility for automation of the bulk of the composite component manufacture. 

The APC consists of a Kuka robotic arm, automated manipulation systems for dry fibres and preform samples and cutting edge-inspection hardware.  The focus is on the drive towards Industry 4.0 featuring extensive sensors for continual adaptive process for optimised manufacture, process control, analysis and waste minimisation.

How we can help


  • Continued atmospheric data capture during manufacture
  • Data source for future adaptive manufacture process


  • Kuka robotic arm
  • PLC
  • Multi-axis pick and place end effectors

System Integration

  • Model-based systems
  • Machine vision
  • Fibre inspection

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