Mechatronic Systems

The National Composites Centre (NCC) is a global authority in developing mechatronic systems for composites manufacturing. Manual manufacture has been the traditional route to composites manufacture; lamination is considered a labour intensive process.  The mechatronic systems developed at the NCC enable repeatable, rapid and reliable production of composite parts, and ensure workflows are robust. Model based system engineering ensures robust system development and modification.  A range of position, tactile and optical sensors and actuation combined with analytics are used to develop novel solutions.  Industry 4.0 principles are implemented to reduce human interaction for improved efficiency.


Automated Preforming Cell

  • Kuka KRC4 Reconfigurable cell
  • Real time data acquisition and analytics
  • Sensorisation

Bespoke Systems

  • ABB robots
  • Beckhoff control system
  • Optical sensors
  • Information architecture

Industry 4.0 and AI

  • VR & AR
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • MBSE
  • In-process verification

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