Conceptual Design and Detailed Analysis

We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and provide support to the adoption and utilisation of composite materials in high-performance systems and structures. In composite design there is an intrinsic link between materials, method of manufacture, geometry, performance and the associated production cost; therefore our broad knowledge of composite engineering and manufacture enables us to provide a holistic approach to solving our customers’ most complex challenges.

Specifically we can develop concepts from first principles through to prototype manufacture using a range of experience and engineering software tools including; virtual assessments from the micro-structure level up to full global analysis and longer-term in-service lifecycle assessments.

How we can help

Trade Studies

  • Literature review/State-of-the-Art assessments
  • Design concept creation, down-selection and scoring
  • Structural optimisation for light-weighting, performance enhancement and cost reduction activities

Design for X

  • Application of Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) tools to develop digital mock-ups and drawings for manufacture
  • Development and use of design guidelines for specific materials, processes and industries
  • Cost modelling

Detailed Structural Analysis

  • Material evaluation using micro-mechanical modelling
  • Performance and failure assessments for a wide range of loading conditions
  • Long-term behaviour predictions including creep, fatigue and environmental effects

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