Manufacturing Process Simulation

Our team focuses on the development and application of virtual manufacturing simulation tools to ensure that composite manufacturing processes lead to high quality and cost-effective components. Using our experience and engineering tools to simulate a wide range of processes, the team can validate designs and predict material behaviour throughout the various stages of composite manufacturing.

Using virtual manufacturing the risks of process failure and defect generation can be minimised, whilst reducing prototyping costs and material wastage during manufacture. Accurate process simulation is a key development in the ability for composites engineers to ensure process robustness and repeatability, without the need for expensive trial-and-error process development.

How we can help

Deposition and Forming

  • Material characterisation
  • Simulation of automated and manual layup and forming processes (dry fibre, thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs)
  • Optimisation of heating strategies for automated deposition and debulking

Flow Simulation

  • Simulation of liquid composite moulding processes such as Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) and Resin Infusion
  • Short-fibre injection and compression moulding process modelling
  • Design of tooling with sensor integration and experimental validation

Curing, Defects and Residual Stresses

  • Cure modelling
  • Residual stress and distortion assessments for structural analysis, process optimisation and tool compensation
  • Effect of defects studies (voids, waviness, bridging, tape paths etc.)

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