Tooling and Test Fixture Development

Our tooling team are engaged throughout the product development cycle to ensure that manufactured components meet the demands of our customers. We have a highly experienced group of tooling engineers with a detailed understanding of a diverse range of composite manufacturing techniques, including the stages prior to and post-production that require tooling and fixturing solutions. Our team also research and develop novel solutions to production challenges that includes complex electrical systems (heating, sensors, actuation etc.) as well as new materials and production processes for cost-effective tooling suites.

Tooling is often one of the most expensive and long-lead time items during product development so our team work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to produce concepts, perform detailed design and manage suppliers and equipment.

How we can help

Tooling Design

  • Research and development of new tooling materials and novel design concepts
  • Application of Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) tools to develop digital mock-ups and drawings for manufacture
  • Complex tooling systems for layup, cure, trimming, assembly and inspection

Test Fixture Design

  • Mechanical fixtures for material characterisation and structural tests
  • System design for complex mechanisms
  • Engagement with test labs and structural analysis teams to support provision of sensing and data acquisition

Procurement and Management

  • Support to internal project teams and management of external tooling and machining suppliers
  • Providing technical authority to the management and application of tooling assets

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