Materials engineering at the NCC brings together a team of experts with specialist skills in the materials, systems, processes and applications for composites across industry sectors.

Working with Polymeric Matrix Composites, Ceramic Matrix Composites and Metal Matrix Composites, the team focuses on the fundamentals to application, the material lifecycle and providing confidence through verification and predictive tools that the composite solution is fit for application.

How we can help

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    Materials Development

    Finding solutions to complex problems through the chemical, functional and practical development of new materials and systems from fundamental through to final application.

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    Future-proofing composites by optimising their resource efficiency, exploring novel materials, process capability and informed application.

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    Composites Assurance

    Providing confidence in the use of composite for products and applications, maximising the product value and establishing performance for new environments through extensive characterisation and measurement.

Case Study

Thermography for fast and cost effective defect detection for the automotive industry

The increase in the use of composites for large primary structures with complex geometrics and varying thickness requires the use of tailored NDT inspection techniques.  Whilst ultrasonic inspection may provide detailed information, the automotive industry needs a faster and more cost effective defect detection.

The NCC materials team optimised thermography inspection for the detection of surface condition, fibre bridging, porosity and voids for large irregular components with complex geometrics and thin sections, delivering a tailored thermography inspection technique for fast and cost effective defect detection suitable for implementation in the automotive industry.

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