Composites Assurance

We provide confidence in the use of composite for products and applications, to maximise the product value and establish performance for new environments through the use of extensive characterisation and measurement.

How we can help

  • We offer an extensive materials laboratory including thermo-physical analysis and rheology testing.
  • We provide Level 3 and 2 NDT capabilities for procedural development and application, including UT, X-Ray CT, Thermography and Shearography and the verification of parts and processes in-situ using automated and manual non-contact and contact methods.

Material Characterisation

  • Provide expertise in and carry out the determination of physical, chemical and functional properties of materials
  • Develop new test methods to support the incorporation of new materials and materials test data into design, simulation and manufacturing programmes
  • Support failure and risk-management investigations to rectify production issues and improve customer product quality

Metrology and Design Verification

  • Provide a high integrity service for the verification of tools, products and processes
  • Integrate verification methods with processes to provide early and actionable information
  • Through measurement, resolve problems and issues encountered before, during and after production

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Contribute to manufacturing process development by non-invasive validation of part quality
  • Devise and develop inspection procedures of customer parts to achieve automatic and semi-automatic verification of quality to customer standards and requirements
  • Access and develop emerging NDT methods where traditional methods do not meet customer requirements
  • Provide high integrity verification by qualifies inspectors of manufactured parts, to customer specifications

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