Materials Development

We find solutions to complex problems through the chemical, functional and practical development of new materials and systems from fundamental through to final application.  This can require the development of new processes or the exploration of material behaviour and degradation beyond established operating conditions.

Materials Science

  • Development of CMC's, PMC's and MMC's
  • Apply innate properties of composites, other than just structural, to maximise the benefits of composites
  • Utilise additional functionality into composite parts to open new applications

Process Measurement and Process Development

  • Development of state-of-the-art sensing technologies for their integration into manufacturing processes for increased control

Application Development

  • Provide and support the development, manufacture and application of new composite materials systems
  • Improve and modify performance for extreme environment and hazardous application or to improve cost, weight or health and safety of new systems

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COVID-19 update

Following the Prime Minister’s Briefing on Monday 23 March where he gave clear guidance for the nation to stay at home, and in line with University of Bristol action to close down all of its buildings, the NCC has taken the decision to close both the NCC HQ and NCC Filton centres until further notice, effective from 24 March 2020. 

The vast majority of NCC staff have already been working from home, successfully holding digital meetings with our members, customers and other partners and will continue to do so. You can still get in touch with us through your usual contacts via email and phone, or please email We are in touch with our customers to discuss arrangements for our current projects.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will continue to update our website and social media channels to keep you informed.