We are committed to a sustainable future for the application of composites.  Our approach as a sustainable business, is to future-proof composites by optimising their resource efficiency through continually exploring novel materials, process capability and informed application.  Our goal is to ensure end-of-life is managed through the design stage to close the loop on material use and integrate composites as a circular economy.

How we can help

Circular Economy and End-of-Life

  • Develop recycling, repair, remanufacture and reuse
  • Create solutions for existing product at the end-of-life
  • Incorporate end-of-life planning into the design process

Life Cycle Analysis and Value Stream Mapping

  • Utilise data for intelligent business decision-making
  • Utilise product and value chain flows for efficiency in resources and cost

Application of Sustainable Materials

  • Create opportunity for the use of alternative feedstock (i.e. novel resin and fibre systems)
  • Upscale and develop concept from material system to functional product

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