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The National Composites Centre (NCC) is an independent, open-access technology centre delivering world-class research and development of composites. As part of the UK’s Catapult Network, we offer our partners access to the latest technology, provide technical expertise and the business support they need to overcome barriers to innovation and accelerate their growth.

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Latest news

  • National Composites Centre featured in IOP's Physics Powering the Green Economy

    The NCC's efforts towards materials development for hydrogen storage has been featured in the Institute of Physics (IOP)’s ‘Physics Powering the Green Economy’ report. Learn how our cross-sector capability aims to meet the UK’s net zero ambitions while securing future commercial competitiveness.
  • The Centre of Expertise in Advanced Materials and Sustainability, CEAMS, is launched

    A new state-of-the-art centre, supporting the development and commercialisation of advanced sustainable materials, will bring high-impact investment to Rochdale and the Greater Manchester city region. The two-year Centre of Expertise in Advanced Materials and Sustainability (CEAMS) supports the development of advanced sustainable materials, and is led by a consortium of expert partners, including the NCC.
  • Unprecedented £225m investment to create UK’s most powerful supercomputer in Bristol

    Details of a £225m investment from the Government to create the UK’s fastest supercomputer to be hosted at the National Composites Centre have been announced. The funding injection, part of a £300m package to create a new national Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (AIRR) for the country will make the UK a world leader in AI.
  • NCC Core Programme 2023: Industrial Technologies for Tomorrow

    The NCC's Core Programme 2023 will continue advancing key technologies and capabilities to enable industry to take advantage of advanced materials as they strive for net zero practices.
  • Space West Newsletter

    Welcome to the October edition of our Space West Newsletter where we'll bring you the latest discoveries, innovations, and stories from the world of space in the South West.



  • Read more about Introduction to Design for Composites

    Introduction to Design for Composites

    This course will give you an understanding of the requirements that are important to consider in the composites world, along with a series of tools and techniques that will enable you to create robust concept designs for every new project you undertake.
  • Read more about Introduction to Composite Repair

    Introduction to Composite Repair

    Future legislation will dictate that you can't just discard composite components into landfill and the need to repair in order to extend life expectancy is set to increase even further. Repair of composites can be more complex than the repair of more traditional metallic components and, of course, there is always the need to regain structural integrity whilst maintaining functionality.

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