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The National Composites Centre is a world-class research centre, where companies of any size and across industry sectors, can access cutting-edge technology and specialist engineers, to drive innovation in the design and manufacture of composites.

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Latest news

  • UK consortium leads project to develop the next generation of hydrogen storage tanks for HGV and buses

    A consortium of UK companies - Ultima Forma, Lentus Composites and the National Composites Centre - have joined forces to develop a novel, high pressure hydrogen storage tank aimed for use in HGV, bus and off highway applications.
  • Sustainable composite wheelchair seat designed for disabled people in developing countries

    The NCC and global disability charity, Motivation, have collaborated to design and manufacture a wheelchair seat pan made entirely from sustainable, green composite materials that are not only better for the environment but could significantly improve the quality of life for disabled people in developing countries.
  • National Composites Centre joins major academic-industry collaboration to tackle global challenges in sustainability

    The NCC is partnering with the University of Bath in a major new collaboration with academia and industry to use sustainable chemical technologies to accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions.
  • NCC and Teledyne CML Composites develop high-performing thermoplastic processing cell to speed up aerospace composites manufacturing

    Advanced composites manufacturer Teledyne CML Composites has developed a new thermoplastic processing cell capable of processing multiple high-performance reinforced thermoplastics for aerospace components, with support from the NCC.
  • NCC research supports new environmentally friendly solution for wind turbine installation

    A feasibility study conducted by the National Composites Centre (NCC) on behalf of Cedeco has shown that an innovative composite gripper solution could reduce the environmental impact, cost and time of installing offshore wind turbines.



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