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Richard Oldfield, Chief Executive

"We are industry's research and development partner. When companies need to make things lighter, stronger, smarter and more sustainable they come to the NCC. With access to 'beyond' state-of-the-art technology and the best composites engineering capabilities in the world, we help our customers solve the most complex engineering challenges of our time."

Why composites?

Composites enable our everyday lives – in transport, energy, healthcare, defence, communications and leisure. Lightweight, strong, durable and adaptable, the unique properties of composites help us to design and make better products with less waste that last longer, helping us to address urgent societal challenges of sustainability and net-zero. Hugely versatile, they will also help engineers unlock the potential of digital manufacturing for greater and faster product innovation.

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Our Strategy

Leading collaborative innovation

A world leader in composite technology

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Leading collaborative innovation

To be recognised as a world leader in composite technology, accelerating the development and uptake of digital technologies for composites and growing the market for composites by driving innovation through collaboration and partnerships.


Highly motivated and engaged teams

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To push the boundaries of what's possible in the application of composites, building highly motivated and engaged teams that create an innovative and entrepreneurial culture at the NCC.



Leading in sustainability for composites

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To future-proof the application of composites by exploring novel materials and process capability, enabling industry to make more informed decisions on their application.

Changing markets and products

Making composites a mass market proposition

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Changing markets and products

To offer a wide range of capabilities from teams of specialists to the latest technology, to deliver complete engineering solutions. Improving the adoption and economic impact of the technology developed and delivering customer work to time, cost and the highest quality.

Resilient expansion

Making composites accessible

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Resilient expansion

To ensure composites technology and engineering expertise is accessible to every sector, so they can harness the full potential of composites and in turn, contribute to a sustained c.10% annual growth at the NCC.

Transforming business practices

Responding to the needs of customers

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Transforming business practices

To be agile and responsive to the needs of varied sectors and customers, and always working to the very highest standards of health and safety.

Our Stories

  • Chemistry, Composites and Sustainability: Announcing an exciting partnership between the Royal Society of Chemistry and the National Composites Centre

    The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is joining forces with the National Composites Centre (NCC) to continue investigating the role of chemistry in developing sustainable composites.
  • Four SMEs join NCC's SME Affiliate Scheme

    The National Composites Centre (NCC) is delighted to welcome four new SMEs to its SME Affiliate Membership scheme.
  • National Composites Centre and Arcola Energy publish report on UK supply chain opportunities in hydrogen heavy duty vehicles

    Analysis of a supply chain survey by the NCC highlights current UK capabilities and potential across key technology areas, including hydrogen storage, power electronics and high-power batteries.
  • Demonstrating the future of composite space tank technology

    The National Composites Centre (NCC) with industry guidance from Thales Alenia Space has manufactured an all-composites linerless (Type-V) tank demonstrator that is representative of those used for launch vehicle and satellite propellant tanks, delivering an estimated weight saving of 30% compared to conventional metallic propellant tanks in current use.
  • NCC's Core Research Programme 2021/22 aiming to solve industry's biggest advanced materials challenges

    The NCC's Core Research Programme will push the boundaries of UK technology by solving some of the biggest challenges that industry faces in the use of advanced materials, with particular focus on Sustainability and the Hydrogen Economy.

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