The National Composites Centre (NCC) is owned and operated by the University of Bristol and is subject to University oversight via a sub-Committee of the University Executive Board. 

The NCC undertakes a variety of publicly and privately funded research and development activities.

  • Publicly funded activities such as collaborative R&D or Catapult-funded capability development are undertaken by the University at the NCC
  • Privately funded research is undertaken by NCC Operations Ltd (‘NCCOL’)

NCCOL is a not-for-profit, wholly owned, subsidiary of the University and operates within the University of Bristol’s Subsidiary Framework. Staff employed by NCCOL deliver all NCC activities on behalf of the University via intra-group trading agreements.

The University is a chartered corporation and an exempt charity, whose legal status derives from a royal charter granted in 1909.

Company information:

The University of Bristol: Company Number RC000648

NCCOL: Company Number 07304890


Further information about the governance of the University of Bristol is available at:


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