Why composites?

Imagination freed. Innovation unleashed. Challenges met.

Composites enable our everyday lives – in transport, energy, healthcare, defence, communications and leisure. Lightweight, strong, durable and adaptable, the unique properties of composites help us to design and make better products with less waste that last longer, helping us to address urgent societal challenges of sustainability and net-zero. Hugely versatile, they will also help engineers unlock the potential of digital manufacturing for greater and faster product innovation.

UK composites ambition

Our composites industry is a strategic national asset. We are one of the global leaders in composite aircraft technology and are leading the way in sustainable composites innovation and delivering digital manufacturing transformation. As we set ambitious timelines for a net-zero economy, composites will help us get there. Lightweight, adaptable, immensely strong and durable, composites are the essential enabling technology for decarbonisation. At the NCC, we're committed to supporting industry to ensure the UK stays at the forefront of this innovation.

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