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Sometimes the solution is right in front of us. Gypsum based plasterboard is ubiquitous in homes and offices around the world. It is also the third biggest source of CO2 – equal to aviation. Composite engineers are tackling the problem, pioneering ways to turn carbon emissions from industry into raw material for boards. Strong, versatile composites help us build better in other ways too. They can reinforce concrete, making it longer lasting, especially in marine environments. Composite liners stop old pipes leaking. And factory-built modular panels mean new, energy-efficient buildings can be put up quickly, with less waste and disruption.

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The NCC is a world-class research and development centre for composites. With access to state-of-the-art technology and the best composites engineering capabilities, we help our customers to step-change their innovation, accelerate to digital, improve sustainability and solve challenges.

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