New jobs for a green transition

17 November 2021

Net Zero 2030 isn’t going to happen by itself – it will require a lot of work, with lots of amazing engineers to solve a myriad of challenges.

From figuring out how to insulate old houses well, to designing and building new energy distribution grids – at the “Sustainability solutions – Green Jobs in Engineering and Technology” event, 12 Oct 2021, local engineers discussed the engineering skills needed to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency.


Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers, UWE Bristol, hosted the online event as part of DETI Skills Inspire’s Youth Climate Engineering Summit – all about inspiring the next generation of sustainability-minded engineers (you can read more about the YEESS summit here).

The three talks were focused on:

  • The need for jobs in energy, and the transition challenge – Associate Professor Ruzanna Chitchyan, UoB Cabot Institute
  • How insulating our homes is a huge but necessary task for our workforce and all homeowners – Dr Deborah Adkins, UWE Bristol
  • How we need investment in jobs and skills now – Denis Fernando, Climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth

Watch the inspiring talks below and see how you can contribute to our future!

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