Space Symposium Success – a week to remember for the South West Space Partnership

13 May 2024

In April we headed over to Colorado to take part in our very first Space Symposium. With both UK companies and international players in attendance, there was ample opportunity to showcase the potential of the UK’s largest space technology cluster to a global market – and make some valuable connections in the meantime.

The premier space industry event… 

Designed to unify “the global space community providing collaboration, innovation, and education from worldwide leaders”, the 39th Space Symposium certainly achieved its goal!

All of our key South West Space Partnership organisations attended, including Cornwall Space Cluster, Invest Bristol + Bath and Space West, to represent and offer up access to the largest, most sustained concentration of UK stakeholders across space, government and our primary ecosystem. It was a great opportunity to champion UK companies, and educate US-centric suppliers on the benefits of locating to the South West of England – from access to European Space Agency opportunities and industry-leading R&D facilities to top-tier talent from regional educational institutions and partnerships with world leading aerospace companies.

Collaboration is our game.

And partnership, our name. As the fastest growing sector in the UK economy, worth over £17.5 billion per year, the space industry relies on collaboration between academic, industry and civil stakeholders to keep the momentum going. So, it’s only right that we should look stateside, and beyond, to forge the most valuable partnerships for our SW businesses. 

With the help of Goonhilly Earth Station, we were delighted to co-host a networking event at the symposium, connecting some of the UK’s most innovative figures including Spaceport Cornwall, CGI, Airbus, with huge international players. We were also thrilled to welcome key public sector representatives from the UK Space Agency, Department for Science Innovation and Technology and Department for Business and Trade and the UK Embassy in the USA.

Building on the large-scale networking events held onsite, we brought together a select group of invitees to generate further value for our stakeholders. It was about getting the right people in the room to facilitate better conversations and develop stronger leads, whilst showcasing the strengths of the UK and regional space ecosystem. The excitement and buzz in the room showed us just how powerful these connections are. And just how powerful we can all be, when we come together. 

After a fantastic first Space Symposium, we’re excited to see what comes of our efforts. With more event appearances in the pipeline, we’re hoping to prove the value of international partnerships on our mission to bring the South West of England’s thriving space, data and aerospace sectors front and centre on the global playing field. 

Find out more about the South West Space Partnership here.

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