Young engineers

STEM ambassadors celebrate British Science Week with local primary schools

06 April 2023

Graduate Engineers from the National Composites Centre (NCC) were inspiring the next generation recently in celebration of British Science Week.

Nine STEM ambassadors visited three local primary schools to give 340 Year Three and Four students an introduction to engineering, with the children having the opportunity to build their own bridges using card, wood, and spaghetti, and to see whose balloon rockets would travel the furthest.

The importance of materials selection, including the role composites can play, and sustainability throughout the making and testing process were all highlighted to the students at Lyde Green Primary School, Avanti Gardens and Barley Close Primary School.

Hannah, one of the engineers who visited the schools, said: “It was really rewarding seeing how much the kids enjoyed designing and building their own creations. They were all so creative, I couldn’t have predicted some of the solutions they came up with. We initially challenged them to come up with ways to move a sheep from one side of a canyon to the other – we had no idea there were so many ways to do this!” 

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