Thermal management, HVAC and auxiliaries

Thermal management is an important challenge in any electrified vehicle system. Fuel cell electric powertrains have requirements for rejecting fuel cell heat as well as power electronics and battery thermal management. Fuel cells operate at 70C and are around 50% electrically efficient. Battery systems require maintenance at around 25C and peak thermal loads can be around 10kW.

Key applications of FCEVs also include refrigeration and buses with air conditioning so electrified HVAC and refrigeration units are of interest from 5 to 30kW of cooling.

Similarly electrification of auxiliary systems that are traditionally hydraulic or compressed air-driven is of interest, such as power steering or hydraulic body systems.

The survey asked about existing products that may be suitable and the level of interest and R&D requirements to develop improvements and integrations of new devices and technologies.

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