Working research and technology themes

Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence

The Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence have agreed to explore a number of priority research and technology themes:

  • Composites for increased durability
    Low velocity impact
    Blast protection
    Ballistic protection
    Shock loading

  • Composites for resistance to environmental exposure
    Marine environment (surface and sub)
    Acoustic fatigue
    Fire resistance / containment
    Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

  • Composites for survival in high service temperatures
    High Tg polymer matrix composites (Tg >250degC)
    Ceramic Matrix Composites

  • Novel technologies for reducing the costs of composites in defence applications
    Manufacturing automation for low volume
    Reducing part development time
    Integrated structures
    Rapid prototyping
    Digital tools for virtual testing and process modelling

  • Joining of composites
    Composites to composites
    Composites to metals

  • Novel and emerging composite materials and emerging manufacturing technologies
    Smart materials
    Nano materials
    Meta materials
    New manufacturing processes / technology

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