SME Boost Programme

Access match funding up to £25k

The SME Boost Programme offers match funding up to £25k to assist UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop composites products.

Interested companies need to submit their idea and a business case to the NCC to be assessed by a panel of experts.  

Projects meeting the criteria will then be invited to work with the NCC Connect team to deliver the project.

SME Boost Criteria

Participant Criteria:

  • Must be an SME (< 250 employees and < €50m turnover OR < €43m balance sheet)
  • May use Boost matched funding up to a value of £25k in any single Catapult year (April-March) i.e. multiple projects can be carried out by the same customer using Boost funding so long as they do not exceed the £25k threshold
  • The participating company must agree to the following terms:
    • Background IP belongs to each party – each are given a licence to use one another’s background IP for the purpose of delivering the project
    • Foreground IP belongs to the funding recipient; however, the funding recipient give the NCC a free, irrevocable, in perpetuity etc. licence to use the foreground IP for applications in a non-competing environment
    • NCC has dissemination rights in perpetuity
    • If the recipient’s eligibility requirements (SME criteria, De Minimis approval) changes during the project, they will become liable to pay the full price

Project Criteria:

  • There is no limit on total project eligible costs, however the NCC will only match fund up to £25k e.g. if a project value comes to £75k, the NCC will pay for £25k and the company will pay the remaining £50k
  • Funding is used on NCC labour, equipment and material costs – The funding does not go to the SME to be used, it says within the control of the NCC
  • Examples of suitable project themes include but are not limited to:
    • Upscaling – New/existing composite product challenged by future rate requirements
    • Feasibility study – New or existing product which could be enhanced using composite materials
    • Prototyping – Design, build and test of new or existing composite products
    • Sustainability assessments – Reviewing the environmental impact of new or existing composite products
  • Examples of unsuitable project themes include:
    • Equipment for ‘business as usual’ jobs
    • Loaning out tooling / equipment for business as usual jobs
    • Bid writing / support
    • Meeting room bookings

Application Deadline:  This is a rolling programme and the first step is to complete an 'Expression Of Interest' form which will be reviewed within four weeks of receipt. 

For further information and to submit your Expression of Interest form please email


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COVID-19 update

Following the Prime Minister’s Briefing on Monday 23 March where he gave clear guidance for the nation to stay at home, and in line with University of Bristol action to close down all of its buildings, the NCC has taken the decision to close both the NCC HQ and NCC Filton centres until further notice, effective from 24 March 2020. 

The vast majority of NCC staff have already been working from home, successfully holding digital meetings with our members, customers and other partners and will continue to do so. You can still get in touch with us through your usual contacts via email and phone, or please email We are in touch with our customers to discuss arrangements for our current projects.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will continue to update our website and social media channels to keep you informed.