Composites for Surface Transport

Innovation for Zero Emission Vehicles

Composites are fundamental in the development of the next generation of zero emission vehicles. They play a crucial role in enabling motors to spin faster and be more efficient; for hydrogen to be stored safely; for ships to harness natural sources of energy; and for safe, comfortable and reliable travel for passengers. The NCC is working at the forefront of identifying, investigating and developing these innovations and technologies.

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Our expertise

Composites solutions for hydrogen storage

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Composites solutions for hydrogen storage

Today, there is only one cost effective, technically viable and safe way to store hydrogen for mobility applications: composite pressure vessels that draw upon the high performance of fibres and toughness of matrix materials in a composite. The impact performance of composites, low mass and resistance to harsh environments makes composites more competitive than metallic alternatives. At the NCC, we are supporting the development of supply chains and technology for light, strong and durable energy storage solutions.

Sustainable composites for the road to net zero

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Sustainable composites for the road to net zero

Biomaterials and resins systems are one of the enablers in creating a cleaner path to net zero and in developing the next generation of carbon neutral and zero carbon vehicles. Materials that provide a means to recycle and reuse advanced composites will accelerate adoption and remove the pressure placed on our environment through landfill. 

Digital transformation in surface transport

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Digital transformation in surface transport

Digital transformation will enable companies to remain competitive and profitable. Digital engineering, new design tools and simulation will play a crucial role in the design and manufacture of high performance materials. We work with businesses to help them develop, demonstrate and adopt digital capabilities that enable them to move forward in their engineering transformation journey. 

The National Composites Centre's Surface Transport team are experts in composites design and manufacture specifically for transport applications. We will work with you to help you to unlock innovation and solve your business' challenges of tomorrow, today. 

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Major programmes

  • Read more about Project HYSTOR

    Project HYSTOR

    We're working with Ultima Forma and Lentus Composites to develop a novel, high pressure hydrogen storage tank for use in HGV, bus and off highway applications. 

  • Read more about Project CAPSULE

    Project CAPSULE

    We're working with Teignbridge on Project CAPSULE to design the next generation of sustainable composite propulsion systems for marine transport. 

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