Introduction to Composite Materials

If you have an engineering background, but are new to composites, a basic knowledge of their composition and manufacture is essential to begin your journey. Or, maybe you don't work with composites on a day-to-day basis, but you are working with suppliers, colleagues or customers who do, and being able to knowledgably engage with them is important.

In this foundation level course we'll introduce you to the terminology, the materials, their properties and the production processes used in the composites industry.

What we'll cover:

- What is a composite?

  • The component elements that form a composite and the products commonly made from composites

- The properties of fibres and resins:

  • The part played by each element of a composite in the final material

- Types of resin systems and reinforcements:

  • Understanding Thermoset & Thermoplastic resins, along with their advantages & disadvantages
  • How to identify the most suitable resin and reinforcement for commonly produced products
  • Health and safety considerations

- Room and elevated temperature resin systems:

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems and when they would be used
  • The importance of product data sheets

- Identifying and comparing weave styles:

  • The formation of a weave, three weave styles and their uses

- Building in strength and stiffness characteristics:

  • Load paths, ply orientation, stacking sequences and sandwich construction

- The four most common methods of composite manufacture:

  • Wet layup, resin infusion, resin transfer moulding and prepreg

- Automation:

  • Making composite manufacture more efficient

Putting theory into practice:

Our in-person course includes a practical session in our state of the art workshop facility.

You'll get hands on experience of the prepreg manufacturing process as you produce a composite coaster.

We're here to help

If you have any questions about this course or whether it's right for you please contact our training team.

Email: [email protected]

Call: +44 (0)117 370 7600, 9:00 - 16:00 GMT Monday - Friday

Online self-paced study:

  • Immediate access
  • Interactive content
  • Check and test your knowledge as you progress through the lessons
  • Full course access for six months from date of purchase
  • Downloadable, personalised course completion certificate

Cost:  £75

Learning time: 2 hours

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Virtual Classroom Course:

  • Live classes delivered by our expert tutors
  • Broadcast from our on site studio
  • Maximum 20 students per class
  • Fully interactive, ask questions and participate in group discussions
  • Personalised course completion certificate

Cost:  £125 per person

Duration: 3 hours, 9:30 - 12:30

Course availability:

  • We are continuously updating our course calendar. Please contact us for future dates for this course. Email [email protected] 

In person course:

  • Delivered by our expert tutors on site
  • Maximum 10 students per course
  • Refreshments and lunch included
  • Hands on workshop session
  • Course materials
  • Personalised course completion certificate

Cost:  £325 per person

Duration: 1 day, 9:00 – 16:30

NCC Bristol - Course availability:

  • 2nd July 2024
  • 17th September 2024
  • 5th November 2024

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