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Advanced composites

Defining the future of composite materials

Composites for aerospace

Accelerating UK composites capabilities

We're unlocking innovation in the use of advanced composites. Supporting industry to find new ways to design and make higher performing products with less waste, that last longer.

Our skilled team of composites engineers are pioneering new composite material applications, design thinking and manufacturing processes to ensure advanced composites are accessible to every industry sector.


Innovation accelerated

  • Future focus events Read more about World-class industrial test-bed for advanced composites

    World-class industrial test-bed for advanced composites

    Providing an open-access test-bed for developing, trialling and scaling composites engineering solutions. We connect the UK composites supply chain with industrial customers to collaborate on rapid turnaround projects to major R&D programmes. Find out more about how we're making advanced composites accessible to every industry sector.

  • Read more about UK composites technology pioneers

    UK composites technology pioneers

    Pushing beyond 'state-of-the art' to develop new composites design & technology capablities in the UK and boost supply chain growth. We are redefining how industry can better take advantage of advanced composites to solve their challenges. Find out more about the technology in our open-access test-bed.

  • Read more about Supporting scientific excellence

    Supporting scientific excellence

    Collaborating on cutting-edge advanced composites research programmes. We connect the UK's strong composites academic community with industry to accelerate innovation and take ideas from the lab to commercial application. Find out more about our academic and research network.

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Delivering results

We work with customers on large scale R&D programmes through to rapid problem-solving projects, drawing on expertise within the NCC and across the UK composites sector. We're focused on delivering results, but also expanding capabilities and skills within our customer teams and the wider UK supply chain as a result of our collaborations.


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