Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) programme

By the end of this decade, to deliver a low carbon global economy, everything we make will need to be completely re-imagined and re-engineered.

The global engineering landscape is shifting. Shorter product development times, faster routes to market and the need for through-life product sustainability for some of the most complex products the world has ever seen provides us with an exciting opportunity.

To maintain engineering leadership, UK businesses need to develop new ways of working that enable agility, flexibility and competitive advantage, that will support future generations socially, economically and sustainably.

Engineers are working out what tools to use, what technologies to invest in and how to exploit vast quantities of data captured at every stage. The digital revolution is fundamentally changing the way engineers work, developing new skills. There are few test-grounds to explore and test technologies and processes without disrupting current production line pressure. This is where Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) comes in.

Digital Now Issue 2

The culmination of the initial phase of the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) programme is a major milestone. It paves the way for the development of highly innovative products and ways of working that will deliver economic, social and sustainability benefits for future generations.

Highlights include research and tools that will power the next generation of electric vehicles; quantum-secure 5G connectivity to operate remote factories; and digitally-led product development that is five times faster than traditional methods. Presented in the latest edition of Digital Now, these proof-of-concept demonstrators offer digitally-enabled ways to make British industry more sustainable and globally competitive, creating new markets and opportunities for businesses in the South West.


  • Read more about About DETI

    About DETI

    DETI is an R&D initiative in the West of England, which brings together advanced engineering companies, digital technology pioneers and universities to push the boundaries of digital engineering for the future. 

  • Read more about What DETI will deliver

    What DETI will deliver

    The DETI Programme will coordinate and deliver on key industry challenges, enabling companies of all size to collaborate on ‘proof of concept’ projects that address the barriers to digital transformation.

  • Read more about DETI Programme

    DETI Programme

    DETI will deliver ‘Enabling Capabilities’ to establish digital domain expertise and core reusable technology (processes, models, tools and infrastructure), and ‘Industry Proof of Concepts’, where companies will collaborate on projects that address the barriers to digital transformation. 

  • Young engineers Read more about Skills


    UWE Bristol’s Engineering, Design and Mathematics Department (EDM) are leading the Skills Development branch of DETI, establishing an engineering engagement hub for the West of England. 

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